A 7 month sabbatical later…

What is really awful is not that i have not written here for so long, rather that i didn’t realise how long it had been! I thought, sureley september, October?

Anyway, since i last wrote here so many amazing things have happened.
First off i finished my work placement with Tatty Devine. Oh my i had the best three months there it was not only fun, but i met some amazing peoplem (the staff were completely lovely) and really got to see inside the design process.

When i left i got given the BEST leaving present imaginable too. One of their giant petal necklaces. Now undoubtedly one of my favourite jewellery pieces.

From Tatty i ventured further south and on to my next placement with Hampshire Museums Service. Goinf from fashions cutting edge to fashions history is a massive step! Especially when it involves moving to a completely new place where the only people you know is your Mum and her cousin!
Anyway more about the amazingness that is HCMS in a sec!

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