Snowing= shopping

The weather over the weekend in London/ Surrey has been quite frankly atrocious. This weekend we have more snow than I think I have ever seen in all my years living down here. On Sunday I trudged through the snow back from my Papa’s house to my Grandparent’s. It looked beautiful, but it wasn’t too fun to walk in!

Anyway, back to the main reason for me posting.


Due to the cold weather I thought I would just have one more week of listings suitable for this!

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The most fabulous 30s fur cape

40s fur coat with a wonderful history to it (I’ll miss this one dearly!)

Vicky Vaughn 50s green wool dress

70s orange wool dress with THE most fabulous chevron detailing

60s tartan cape suit

50s red velvet dress *perfect* for Valentines day

60s black velvet and lace dress

Miss L Fire boots. size 5. These are BRAND NEW!!!

Do feel free to ask any questions

View all the listings here.