Are you ready for the beach?

I don’t know about you, but the weather where I live (Greater London) has been pretty spiffing the last few days! So much so it has enabled me to get out the full on vintage frocks (outfit posts coming soon of course!). This meant that my next sale was one of my easiest to create. It’s a height of summer sale!!!

I’ve got more sunnies, hats, beach dresses and swimsuits than you can shake a stick at in a beautiful range of colours and fabrics.

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First off is a brilliant selection of vintage sunglasses.

Fabulous 50s cats eyes

80s totoiseshell Ray ban wayfarers

Want to keep your head out of the sun? How about a fun vintage hat to sheild you from the ray.

Pop up 50s beach hat

80s large straw hat

I also went a bit mad with the stripes this week, because who doesn’t love a good striped outfit for summer?

Late 50s pastel stripe dress

Ted Lapidus shirt (who apparently in the 60s I’ve found out today was at the forefront of French pret-a-porter)

But the piece de resistance has to be the selection of vintage swimsuits I have on offer. Both Naomi and I have raided our collections to give you some real treats.

Amazing deadstock 50s swimsuit

Skirted 50s swimsuit

One of the cutest “beachball” print 50s swim tops

40s or 50s raspberry red Slix swimsuit (so stretchy it looked weird on my mannequin, so I took to modelling it instead)

50s little light weight beach dress (so unbelievably perfect for the heat wave we are experiencing)

Or for the collectors out there how about this orange wool number from the 1920s?

Since I created this listing I have found the V&A have an almost identical suit in grey and red. That’s a good piece of vintage for you right there!!!

Don’t forget, if you have any questions just drop me an email

I’ve left this post a little late, but there are just THREE DAYS left on this auction, and lots of bargains still to be had!

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50s delights!

I just wanted to share a selection of the lovely items I have for sale on ebay this week. I have really been raiding my extensive collection to bring you some of THE best 50s dresses out there.

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This lovely Kitty Copeland dress has a matching jacket. I originally purchased it with a selection of super high quality late 50s ready-to-wear items. A number of which I will be selling shortly. The lady also had dresses by the likes of Sambo fashions (the sambo dress has a label I have never before seen!), Victor Josselyn and 1950s Wallis too. View the listing here.
View the listing here.

I adore this little pink number, and I am sure the dress is a Horrockses number, even though it doesn’t have the infamous label. The print is one that I know I have seen before (I think in one of the Horrockses pattern books). Get this at a bargain price as it doesn’t have the label, but trust you are buying a superb quality item!
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i can’t believe I am selling this amazing dress by Melbray, I think it is the best quality dress I have on offer this week, and has a really look of Dior to it in its shaping. Due to the bold print it was difficult to capture in the pictures, but trust me it is a showstopper!
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Not to worry if full skirts aren’t your thing, I also have a selection of late 1950s wiggle dresses too.
View the listing here.

The selection of pretty vintage nylon dresses (all with crazy full skirts) all came from the same lady.
View the listing here.

This little number, probably by London Town has to be one of the most unusual shape 1950s dresses I have had the pleasure of owning.
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I also have a selection of fab vintage 50s skirts on offer.
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This 70s dress is so wearable, and can easily create an authentic 50s look. I love the button front style. It also has its original belt, but I forgot to photograph this when I was writing out all the listings.
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I also have a selection of original 80s Laura Ashley dresses. These are all still at absolute BARGAIN prices (seeing as I often see LA dresses of this age go for £50+).
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All of these dresses are very much in a “pinks and blues” colour theme. If these colours are not for you, do not despair, as I have another sale coming up at the end of June filled with gorgeous dresses in shades of white, yellow, orange and green. Yet MORE treats for you all! The next sale will start on Thursday 27th June

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Another super 70s sale

OOOOH Hello and welcome to another week of super seventies items that I have for sale. I am just picking out a few highlights in this blog post but there are over 40 fabulous items available on ebay right now!
My fabric of the week seems to be moss crepe, I have numerous items available in this typically 70s fabric.




I have some stunningly elegant pieces on offer too…





Some of my pieces have a real 40s feel…



And I have a ton of Victoriana blouses…



P.S. The next sale will be lingerie (from antique to 80s!) this starts on the 12th May : )