Novelty niceties

Today is a bit of a sad day for me as I am packing up my stuff ready to go back to uni in A week (I’m in Surrey at the moment, but off back to Hampshire today and off to Leeds next Saturday). Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to going back to uni, but there is just always something so sad about packing things away. Maybe it has something to do with the fact I know I am going to have to leave some of my favourite things behind (i.e. a large proportion of mine and my mothers shared vintage jewellery collection).

Anyway, to cheer myself up i started off by getting out all of my novelty printed vintage bits, and i thought to myself there couldn’t be a better opportunity to photgraph them!

These are just a few of the multitude of highlights from my collection.

This wonderful skirt is so me it practically screams “I BELONG TO LIZ TREGENZA” at you.
I have a real thing for paint palettes (the artist screaming to get out inside maybe?)

This little number has a completely loopy print. Rabbits dancing on turtles heads anyone?

This is one of my most recent novelty print purchases. I’m only showing sections of this skirt as it is a very weird barrel shape and doesn’t photograph very well. I have a feeling this is an American design.

This has to be one of the craziest printed skirt i own, its so full and heavy its pretty much unwearable. I tried to wear it once and gave up before i even left the house. It has a typical 50s travel themed print with a selection of motifs calling attention to different countires across the world.

And this has to be one of my all time favourites. This was one of the first pieces of “proper vintage” clothing i bought (or should i say expensive vintage!) I bought this from Hope and Harlequin. I always like to wear this skirt in the spring time as it makes me think of summers sat outside little cafes, and dreaming of  holidays in continetal europe! I reckon this is probably a very early 50s skirt as it has very old looking hooks and eyes and no zip fastening.

A very special dress

My blog post today is all about one little dress. This absolute STUNNER of a dress was one of my 21st birthday presents (i had chosen it before mind you). I am normally a huge 50s fan, but this dress creeps into the earlier decade.

My main reason for loving this dress is the print. I have a real thing for novelty prints, and I adore the quirky cameos in bold colours that hark to a previous era. They sort of remind me of Wedgwood porcelain. This dress screams “conversational print”.

Another reason for loving this dress is the zipped sleeves. The dress has incredibly narrow sleeves, the look created with zips on each sleeve. I have another beautiful silk 40’s dress with sleeves like these. They just scream elegance to me.

I also love the typical 40s combination of the peplum and shoulder pads. Its so nice to feel the quality of the older shoulder pads such as these which are softer and less spongy than their eighties counterparts. You can see in the pic too how the shoulder pad has been finished by hand. This dress being made before overlockers really came to popularity.

What i wonder most about this dress though is where is it from??? I am guessing it is American (i’ve had a few very similar crepe de chine dresses from across the pond before). But, there is the remnants of a shop label. I wonder where it might have been from originally?

I bought the dress from Hope and Harlequin in Brighton, probably my favourite vintage shop EVER (It’s the main reason why i went from a casual vintage buyer to a complete vintage obsessive). I really do recommend visiting the shop, I don’t think i have ever been there and not bought something!

I will be sure to update soon when i find an occasion to wear the little beauty too!

Getting super excited!

It is now just over a week until I get to talk about my passion for the 50’s at Winchester fashion week!

This is the blurb for my talk
The Fabulous Fifties: Frocks and Florals Lecture
by Liz Tregenza
16:00-17:00 @ Winchester Discovery Centre
The 1950s was a period of great cultural and social change. Britain was leaving behind the austerities and restrictions of World War Two and people were embracing a more positive future. But what did this all mean for fashion? Come and find out about the fashions of every day people and the influence of couture and be taken through a wonderful journey of full skirts, florals and frivolity. There will also be the opportunity to see some examples of 50s costume and accessories from Liz’s personal collection.
- Tickets for this event will cost £3. To book please call Winchester Discovery Centre on 01962 873603

There are many other fabbity fab events happening over the week too which I highly recommend anyone in the Winchester area to check out.

These are just a few of my favourite pieces that I will be taking along with me