Little black dress is up!

So, Little Black Dress is now up at Portsmouth City Museum! I urge anyone who is in the local area to go and see it. There are so many fabulous pieces to see there including a dress which once belonged to Marilyn Monroe!
One of the dresses in the first image is a Frank Usher cocktail dress embellished with rhinestones and metallic embroidery. I think it has to be one of my favourite pieces in the whole Hampshire museums collection. Such a beauty!
If anyone would like any more info on the exhibition or on any of the dresses, let me know.
The exhibition is on until the 5th June and its free!

Little black dress @ Portsmouth city museum

Whilst working on dazzle i had also been working on another exhibition, Little black dress.

The intention of little black dress was to show the cross cultural and age appeal of the LBD and demonstrate how after more than a 100 years of popularity the LBD is still at the top of its fashion game. What fascinated me most whilst working on this exhibition though is how much we actually all wear black and how so many significant fashion moments have revolved around that little black dress. Who can forget Liz Hurley in her safety pinned Versace number or Julia Roberts vintage Valentino gown? And mostly importantly what about Audrey Hepburn in her iconic 1961 (50 years ago exactly!) black Givenchy dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. A dress that looks as elegant and timeless then as it does now.

The little black dress exhibition has become my baby, i picked most of the garments for it, provisionally wrote a large amount of the text and labels and liased with the conservator to make sure everything was conserved and ready for the exhibition!

Now with two weeks and a day until opening the nerves are really starting to kick in as to whether it will all be the great success i have hoped for! Here’s fingers crossed…