The shoddy workmanship in a pair of high street trousers

This morning whilst getting dressed I pulled on a pair of printed Zara skinny trousers that I bought in late September this year. This was only the fourth time I had worn these and as I readjusted the pockets my hand went through them. AGAIN. I’ve often bemoaned the shoddy quality of high street goods but this pair of trousers really took the biscuit…I thought after some amazing purchases from Topshop (which I will blog about later this week) I had rekindled my love affair with the high street, but these trousers really angered me.
So here goes a tale into my sorry trousers.
On the first wear my hand went through the first pocket (which I have since sewn up so I can’t show you the damage).
By the second wear the buttons on both the back pockets had fallen off.
After this I decided to wash them- and this happened to the stitching around the button holes. It all came unraveled, so that I now have button slits rather than button holes.
The cuffs at the bottom of the leg of one of the trousers also came completely unstitched.
And then, on my fourth wear my hand went through the other pocket.
Not only this, but the stitching on these trousers genereally is quite frankly shoddy.
(it’s not even like this could be backstitching to secure- this is right in the middle of the trouser leg)
How much effort does it take to cut off a bit of overlocking?
How difficult is it to stitch in a straight line?
After this incident (and considering my current addiction to high street printed trousers) I’ve vowed to look more closely at the workmanship before I purchase anything, because quite frankly after four wears for your trousers to be falling apart isn’t right. Paying £30 for a pair of trousers to be such poor quality? Not on Zara, not on at all.