Prints, Peplums and polka dots

Hello all!

Another beautiful things I’m selling post. This week LOTS of pieces that appeared in Naomi Thompson’s style me vintage: Clothes book.

And, I am going prints mad. Florals, polka dots, novelty prints, the lot!

From Style Me Vintage:

 Find it on ebay here

  Find it on ebay here

  Find it on ebay here

Also, some amazing original 1940s pieces, including one of my CC41 dresses.

 Find it on ebay here

AND some sensational 50s pieces.

This Berkertex continentals dress has the most fabulous novelty print, from Naomi’s collection.

 Find it on ebay here

This poppy print outfit is ever so versatile too.

Or, if you like the 70s there are a few sunshine yellow pieces to brighten up your day despite the horrible English weather we are suffering with!

 Find it on ebay here

See all the current auctions here

If you would like any more info, do drop me an email

AND keep a watch out. Next week there will be amazing pieces coming up in black and white…

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