Pre-Christmas celebrations

Last night i had my “pre christmas” celebrations with some of my favourite ladies in the land.
We went out for dinner and cocktails, photos stolen from my dearest love Louisa and her snazzy new Iphone 5- I was very jel.

The 6 of us who went out for din dins


Me, Stef and Ellie

Nikki, Caro and Louisa (How alarmingly gorgeous do these three look!- Caro has such enviably
shiny hair)

This is my outfit from the evening. I absolutely adore this dress that I recently had repaired by the wonderful Nana of splendid stitches. The dress is a late 50s number by Judy Clare London. It really is amazing, as the way it pulls you in makes your waist look IMPOSSIBLY tiny. Love It! My shoes are an ancient pair from Faith, i stupidly gave my Mum my new black shoes to take down to Hampshire with her, leaving me with only my anciently old pair!


I did have a bit of a fiddle round with the pics last night, this is what happens when you are suffering with insomnia at 4 in the morning and need a distraction!

Me on Southern Retro!

I simply HAD to share that I’ve been featured on Southern Retro!!!

The lovely mat Keller came and photographed me at my mums house ( you can see her lovely vintage cocktail bar and chair in the background!)

So what am I wearing? The dress is a 1950s number by Blanes with one of THE best novelty prints. I purchased this dress last year at Vintage @ Southbank. The earrings are huge 50s green flowers from Mela Mela in Teddington.

Hope you like the pics as much as i do : )