Well where did it go? The Jacques Fath archive



                                                          Jacques Fath and model, 1951

The word I would probably use to describe my PhD research at the moment is “frustrating”, just when I am getting somewhere I hit a brick wall, where no further information can be found. At the moment the biggest query hanging over my research brain is the whereabouts of the Jacques Fath archive. I have long since been an admirer of Jacques Fath, however, I believe owing to his untimely death in 1954 (and subsequent closure of his couture house in 1957), that his work is not quite given the place it deserves.

In the past few month I have found myself becoming somewhat obsessed with Fath. In-depth analysis of a number of Frederick Starke garments, and further research in major publications led me to realise that in the late 1940s and early 1950s the designer that Starke was mostly copying/ adapting from was in fact Fath. Of course, this led me on the path of tracking down original Fath garments/ sketches. My search however has gone cold, and I am hoping by putting out something of a public appeal- someone might be able to help. in 2006 an archive of Jacques Fath work, containing over 3000 sketches went up for auction. However, after that the archive seems to have slipped off the face of the earth. I can find no mention of it, nor any items that were contained  within it since. So where did it go? Does a museum have it? Or did it end up in private hands? If anyone knows I would love to hear more…

One thought on “Well where did it go? The Jacques Fath archive

  1. Have you been in touch with somewhere like the V&A? They might not have it, but if they were interested at the time they might know where it went! Like you I bet there are some curious people there who if they were aware of the auction, they probably found out a bit of info. Good luck with it all! I’m just finishing up the first year of a PhD. x

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