A chance to see me in a dressing gown…and vintage up for sale

I’m going to start this post with a rather amusing image.

Yep. Me in my dressing gown.
So, my housemates have been saying to me everyone should see the real you and how you ACTUALLY are.  Here I am in my full tramptastic glory , complete with 90s boybandesque hair as I have been for the past few weeks due to the stresses of my degree (they call the pajamas underneath my naked seal pajamas for understandable reasons). But now, with it over in just 2 days time (yes 2 days!!!) I finally feel that I can return to normal and dress like a real human being again.

This is what I wore on Wednesday on my first attempt at “human being” (you can remember how to put on make up and look like a girl Liz…you can!!!) This outfit consists of one of my many late 50s Blanes dresses a 70s jacket that is actually part of a suit (see the full suithere) and my all time favouirte pair of Office shoes. I love this outfit and felt SO good in it. It was such a relief to get dressed properly again!
Anyway, my real reason for posting is because I am currently in SELL SELL SELL mode. I recently found out that I got a place at the Royal College of Art to do a masters in history of design, but that means I actually need some money and henceforth large chunks of my vintage collection MUST go. (Don’t worry the Horrockses are ALL safe).
I have a few bits of ebay at the moment, and will be continuing to list over the coming weeks and months. I’ve got some really sensational 50s ballgowns, bold printed 50s dresses, 30s evening gowns and more handbags than you can shake a stick at. So do keep a look out and like my page on facebook which I will be updating with all new listings.
These are just a few of the things I have up at the moment (the link below should take you straight to the listing)

                                                         novelty print skirt

Amazing 60s Rayne shoes (to find out more about the importance of Rayne you can read one of my old blog posts)
To see all of my current ebay listings (there are quite a few lovely pieces at the moment) click here

More 21st celebrations

Yesterday was my 21st birthday and was possibly one of the most wonderfully perfect days of my life.
I started off the day at my Mum’s house in Romsey. This lovely selection of presents was awaiting me when I awoke in the morning!

Then we went off up to good old London town for a delectable Afternoon tea at the Dorchester (pretty appropriate as this week is national afternoon tea week!) I can’t recommend the Dorchester highly enough. The food was sublime and the service was wonderful. I was expecting it to be stuffy and pretentious but our waiters were so friendly in a completely genuine way. I think my favourite thing was the little square chocolate cake you can see on my plate in the picture. Incredibly rich but delicious.
bubbly on the train

My cousin and I

With the G.P.s

It was a great excuse for me to wear one of my lovely vintage dresses. This one is my Blanes one that I bought at Vintage @ Southbank. It’s a pretty perfect fit I have to say! I decided to wear it without the Bolero as I find it restricts my arm movement a bit. 

Then I made a quick pit stop at home before I was off again to my friend Stef’s house. We share our Birthday. Again here I am in yet another piece of vintage Blanes (oh how I love blanes). I reckon this dress is early sixties. It’s a quite heavy cotton pique and again fits like a glove. I am actually going to dedicate a whole blog post to this dress soon, entitled “vintage snap” as i actually have two of these dresses! This lovely blue one and another in white and black too!
As you can see from my pictures I was a tad worse for wear (oopsie diaisy) and therefore probably the picture that shows my dress best is of my dear friend Stef drying my dress with a hairdryer after I spilt drink all over it. I may be 21 but I don’t think I will ever learn.

A Spanish Senorita dress

I just thought i would share a few pictures of the lovely dress i wore last night. It’s a late fifties Blanes dress. I bought it about 3 months ago, but yesterday was the first time i wore it. It is made of a really lovely fine silk and the rose print is beautifully bold. I wore it with a petticoat, but i think as it is such a thin fabric it actually needs two to give it a proper 50’s look. These photos were just taken on my cameras auto setting so they aren’t the best. Apologies for the badly applied make-up too, it would appear that i tried to paint my face white : /