A Spanish Senorita dress

I just thought i would share a few pictures of the lovely dress i wore last night. It’s a late fifties Blanes dress. I bought it about 3 months ago, but yesterday was the first time i wore it. It is made of a really lovely fine silk and the rose print is beautifully bold. I wore it with a petticoat, but i think as it is such a thin fabric it actually needs two to give it a proper 50’s look. These photos were just taken on my cameras auto setting so they aren’t the best. Apologies for the badly applied make-up too, it would appear that i tried to paint my face white : /

4 thoughts on “A Spanish Senorita dress

  1. Wow, that's a truly stunning frock & you look amazing wearing it. I have a couple of Blanes frocks that I love to bits and would not want to part with atleast while they still fit me ;)These are the kind of dresses that you want to pass on to a daughter or niece.Lot's of love,JenniexXx

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