More 21st celebrations

Yesterday was my 21st birthday and was possibly one of the most wonderfully perfect days of my life.
I started off the day at my Mum’s house in Romsey. This lovely selection of presents was awaiting me when I awoke in the morning!

Then we went off up to good old London town for a delectable Afternoon tea at the Dorchester (pretty appropriate as this week is national afternoon tea week!) I can’t recommend the Dorchester highly enough. The food was sublime and the service was wonderful. I was expecting it to be stuffy and pretentious but our waiters were so friendly in a completely genuine way. I think my favourite thing was the little square chocolate cake you can see on my plate in the picture. Incredibly rich but delicious.
bubbly on the train

My cousin and I

With the G.P.s

It was a great excuse for me to wear one of my lovely vintage dresses. This one is my Blanes one that I bought at Vintage @ Southbank. It’s a pretty perfect fit I have to say! I decided to wear it without the Bolero as I find it restricts my arm movement a bit. 

Then I made a quick pit stop at home before I was off again to my friend Stef’s house. We share our Birthday. Again here I am in yet another piece of vintage Blanes (oh how I love blanes). I reckon this dress is early sixties. It’s a quite heavy cotton pique and again fits like a glove. I am actually going to dedicate a whole blog post to this dress soon, entitled “vintage snap” as i actually have two of these dresses! This lovely blue one and another in white and black too!
As you can see from my pictures I was a tad worse for wear (oopsie diaisy) and therefore probably the picture that shows my dress best is of my dear friend Stef drying my dress with a hairdryer after I spilt drink all over it. I may be 21 but I don’t think I will ever learn.

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