A “stained glass” 1950s dress

It’s been a while since I last did an outfit post, but I felt like the dress I wore last night fully deserved it. Partially because for once in my life my make up AND hair fully played ball and went just how I like it. I’d had a pretty awful afternoon at work, and I felt like the hair and make up gods were smiling down upon me as payment for this! Sorry for the lack of smiling in all of these pictures. The pictures in which I smiled just made me look like a grinning cheshire cat, this is the problem when you just put your camera on “continuous shoot” and hope for the best!

I absolutely adore the dress I wore last night. It’s an original 1950s one, but just has a number of different and interesting elements that create for one thing a great silohuette, and take it away from just being another floral/ novelty print like i tend to wear. I call it my stained glass window dress, and it also has a slight Italian futurist feel to it.  The dress originally had straps, but I have taken these off (for now) in part because the way they sat made my already less than impressive chest look even flatter! The dress appears to be a homemade example (no labels) but finished to a high standard with complicated cut across the bodice and interesting inserted red detail to the sweetheart neckline. I think I could have easily worn it with one (or maybe two!) more petticoats underneath, but as I was going out and had to catch various tubes/ buses I thought it was best not to!





As an aside the dress came from what can only be described as my FAVOURITE current vintage shop, The Looking Glass in Bridgnorth. I found out about this shop via facebook and I felt that this dress had to be mine. Their stock is incredible, particularly if you like your 50s printed cotton dresses as much as I do.

To finish off the outfit I wore a pair of original 1930s gold dancing shoes (they’re quite low, and very comfortable- I only had to take them off after someone rather painfully trod on my foot). My outfit was a bit lacking in jewellery to be honest. It needed gold, but all I had was a pair of (admittedly fabulous) gold hoop earrings from my Mum. I don’t think you can really see them in the pics at all!






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