Nutty for Novelty

When it comes to buying Horrockses i have some kind of weird radar. I can spot one straight off, I don’t have to touch it, it’s just a case of having bought over 90 (gulp. I feel a bit sick to say I have bought that many…although a few have been sold along the way!) I just know them instinctively. That radar was blinking at its best this week when I turned up this delight (It was so cheap I still can’t get over it).


I snapped it on my manni for full effect. The matching bolero is quite cute and it also has pockets on the hips (I love a good pocket on the hips, perf. for making your waist look smaller)



I knew the print too, having remembered seeing it amongst John French photographs previously. This means the dress can be dated to 1956.


I actually ended up wearing the dress out last night as my Mum was up from Hampshire for the weekend. I snapped a few quick pics on my pretty snaz new iphone (gahhh new technology!) before I went out. I actually shared the dress on my instagram last night too (come and follow me on instagram too, I am @liztregenza)

IMG_0969 IMG_1023

The graphic quality of the design means it is more difficult to ascertain the designer, but if I had to put money on it I would say it is a Joyce Badrocke design as it reminds me a little of a sketchy pink print I have seen by her.

I also recently acquired this Horrockses thanks to my friend Holly. We like to keep an eye out for each other when we are at fairs/ markets and the like so when she text me with this number the only answer was Yes please!




The print explains the title of this post, oh my, I love a pun (sorry it really is terrible).

I took a few quick snaps of it on too (sorry about my face, i had just cycled home from work when I took the pictures- the dress is also incredibly creased because it has been in a suitcase for the past two weeks!)



The print is definitely a Pat Albeck, I suspect it originally had a little matching jacket like the one seen in the Horrockses exhibition. Although, perhaps not as mine is not the same cream shade, but is in fact a very subtle pink with a matching more “blush” pink sash. I’m not 100% on the date of this, but I would think ’55 ish.

What I quite like from the Horrockses exhibition is that behind this dress you have one of Albeck’s fruit designs. Similar to that in my Horrockses.


Hope you like my new finds : )

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