Time for more weddings

On Saturday I went to the second of my beautiful friends weddings. Back in May I went out to Dublin for my friend Tasha’s wedding, this time it was the turn of my dear friend Nikki to have a wedding much closer to home in Wimbledon.



The wedding was yet another beautiful occasion, and I again felt priviledged to get to spend what I am sure will be one of the happiest days of her life with one of my dearest friends. As ever us girls took it as a great advantage to take ALOT of pictures, do ALOT of dancing and drink ALOT of wine. I apologise therefore that many of these pictures show us looking rather red faced. Saturday was a HOT day.






My outfit for the day was my all time favourite Horrockses (to wear) a blue floral number from 1958 that I wrote about here, here and here. I wore the dress with 1950s crystal earrings, early 60s navy blue lace stilettos (with proper metal tipped heels) purchased from Clobber in Bournemouth for the princely sum of £10 and a Dorset Rex 1950s lucite handbag. I love the fact that the handbag is completely see through, although perhaps not the most sensible thing these days considering the value of items carried around in your handbag! I even went for exactly matching nails (Barry M).

Here is Nikki  with Dan cutting the cake!


And a few snaps from the day and evening (*ahem* Caroline Benn a mention as promised ; ) )




I was sat next to Caro again…always a big mistake as we are big wedding blubberers.


I just want to take a moment out to look at my friend Tasha’s outfit too, which I particularly loved. Tasha (here with her husband Sam) was dressed head to toe in Marks and Spencers! I love the 50s feel of her dress, and nude peep toes that weren’t too high.


15061_10152318971182788_1978368604_n  IMG_8518

First Dance 🙂

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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