Pyjamas, no bananas.

On Sunday in some parts of England we saw the first flecks of winter snow : (. I am no fan at all of all this chilly weather.
There is one thing that I always associate with winter though, pyjamas. It is definitely the right time of year for investing in some lovely warm and snugly pyjamas and here I’ve picked a few of my favourites.
I hate to admit it but Jack Wills are one of the best places for pyjamas (they really do last incredibly well…and keep you warm). These bottoms look so snugly.
M&S is always my fail safe for pyjamas
I love these printed pyjamas by Garage. These would make a perfect Christmas pair and the leggings looks like they would be ever so comfy.
John Lewis fairisle pyjamas. These would be SUCH a perfect christmas present.
Joules have lots of bold brightly printed panama bottoms. Much more all year round than the other examples I have picked!

2 thoughts on “Pyjamas, no bananas.

  1. I always love going into peteralexander for pyjamas. The shops always smell so sweet and everything there seems to be the exact right balance of cute and sexy. The fabrics used are always super soft and silky too!Kimmy xx

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