Because I want some new shoes…

It’s got to that time of year when more practical (or rather more enclosed) shoes need to be worn. It has now got far too cold to wear my favourite Miss L Fire carnivale shoes and ballet pumps all the time!

Here are a few pairs of shoes I’ve come across whilst wandering around the internet that I absolutely love! Oh if only for that funny thing called money…

Blue bird multi suede- £65 Office

These also come in black. Great height for all day wear!

Poetic licence (Irregular choice) £99.99

Completely mental but very cool!

Irregular choice £79.99

Again pretty mad. But the heel height is sensible! They would certainly brighten up a dull day

Black sparkly flats from Call it spring $40.00

These come in half sizes… which is always an advantage. I love this slipper style shoe

Miss L Fire- £99.99

Art deco inspired shoes. I pretty much want every pair of shoes in Miss L Fire’s autumn winter collection. These though are pretty sensational.

…and just to be completely outrageous (because if i had money to burn a pair of Church’s would be top of my list)

Church’s polished fume wood brogues- £ 195

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