Vintage obsessions: Alice Edwards

I THINK after Horrockses this may well be my next favourite label. I am yet to find an Alice Edwards dress that I don’t like! It appears that in the 50s there were at least two lines produced. Some of the dresses are labelled “An Alice Edward’s Italian”. This seemed to be the day wear range and often features beautiful floral dresses in glazed cottons. This is one of my own dresses;

The other range in the 50’s was the “Alice Edward’s goes places” label which seemed to be the more formal line with evening dresses and cocktail dresses too. This example comes from the Hampshire museum service collection. It is a red synthetic fabric with lurex threads woven into it. Very stylish! This dress date from between approximately 1955-59.

Into the 1960s the Alice Edwards line seemed to produce dresses simply with the Alice Edwards simple label in. This is another example from the Hampshire museum service collection. It dates to c.1965

The earliest advertisements for Alice Edwards that I have found date to 1955. These adverts seem to suggest it to be a “new” line. So potentially this is when it started.

Alice Edwards dresses seem to command some pretty high prices (i’ve seen them at over £300 on a few occasions) although it is a label i can not find ANYTHING about. If anyone has any more info i would love love love to know.

20 thoughts on “Vintage obsessions: Alice Edwards

  1. Yep- I've seen Alice Edwards too and been very intrigued as I see the clothes but know little about the label, I love the 60s stuff. It seems very collectable and hard-to-come-by so alas I cannot afford to buy it but a girl can dream.I'd love to find out more about it…

  2. Blimey! Just got an absolute bargain in my local charity shop – it has an Alice Edwards Italian label in it and I paid £4! Just thought it might be worth googling the name and found your blog. It is beautiful (bright red/yellow/orange rose print sateen cotton) and very flattering. I'm just a charity shop bargain hunter, so know little about fashion. Would be interested to know if you discover any more about the label though – now that I've seen a few online they are the kind of dress I love!

  3. I have a lovely Alice Edwards dress with matching jacket c.1960s. I won't post a link here since it's currently on my website (don't want you to think I'm spamming!). If you search 'alice edwards' in my 'product search box' you will see it – a lovely sky-blue and white floral print. The exact same label as the one shown in your 60s shot.

  4. Ooooh! I just had a look what a fab dress and jacket, a definite early sixties example. It seemed the company worked alot in tricel in the early 60's i guess because it was quite an easy fabric to care for…

  5. Hi, I came across your blog while searching for information about Alice Edwards as I found one of her dresses clearing out one of my mum's friends wardrobes. It has the same label as the 60's shot but is not"Tricel". I'm thinking of selling it but have no idea how much to sell it for, can you help?

  6. It was really interesting to read your blog post on this label. I have recently inherited One of my nan's old dresses from this label it has double spaghetti straps and is black with red and pink tulips and a Rose detail at the waist, it also has a boned corset. It is such a beautiful dress I have pictures of her wearing it in the fifties. The label says Alice Edwards 'italianettas' 'for the 5'2 and under' and the hanging tags say Alice Edwards goes places. They lived in the Bahamas for a while so maybe she purchased it there? Would love to know if you've found any further information on this line….I'm intrigued now!

  7. I've got a gorgeous green and gold floor length evening dress by Alice Edwards that I picked up in Oxfam for £3.99! Like you, I had been unable to find anything about the brand so it was really nice to see you've been able to track down a bit of history about it.

  8. I have a dress with a label that says 'modelled by Alice Edwards' in red swirly font that is similar to the font of the name in the ad in the last picture. Do you know anything about this? 🙂

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  10. Hi, I also love Alice Edwards designs but only have one piece that belonged to
    My mother. It is made from glorious emerald sari silk with woven gold motifs. Originally size 18 I took it in during the 80’s and loved wearing it. Now in just 50, I’m sitting letting it out a bit to wear it next week. Always attracts comment and I love wearing clothes with history! Enjoy your fab dresses – particularly love the green floral! Julia

  11. I have a small brochure in black and white advertising Alice Edwards Salute to Spring. Fabulous dresses it looks as though it’s from the 1950s

  12. Hi. Alice Edwards was my grandmother! I am trying to find as many pictures of her dresses as possible, and would love it if anyone who reads this would get in touch with me. Thanks!

    • Hi Chloe,

      Hope you see this ok- do drop me an email I’ve been doing some research which might be of interest to you! Unfortunately no email address is showing for you here, so I can’t contact directly.


      Dr Liz Tregenza


  13. Hi,

    Alice Edwards (Olga Edwards was her real name) was my grandmother. As I understand it, she was the first female head of a major UK fashion brand. I believe the brand was the biggest ready to wear brand at the time. I’m still finding out more myself, so would love to hear any other info you uncover!

    Best wishes,

    Abi Flanagan (nee Edwards).

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