Horrockses time again!

So, as anyone who reads my blog may be aware i am obsessed by Horrockses. The brand were one of the key fashion labels of the 1940s and 1950s producing fabulous bold cotton dresses. I am a keen collector owning 9 of the beautiful dresses myself.

Well, exciting news is that liscencing of some of the original desings has been bought and a new range of bed linen using the original designs is on its way! The range was launched to the press last week and it is due to be in stores in August. I think i am going to need the whole range!

Image from http://deardesigner.co.uk/2011/03/08/i-spy-horrockses-bedlinen-launch/

3 thoughts on “Horrockses time again!

  1. i know it is so fabulous! I have the dress up top in a different colourway (pinks and purples) it is totally fab!It is great to see that the prints are being put to good use again. Some of Pat Albecks iconic prints are being used, and they really are amazing. Her Horrockses prints are mostly the floral ones which have butterflies running through them.Ah! I am just too excited.

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