I’m a prints addict

So, despite being a fashion student I have a serious obsession with textiles, the bolder, brighter and weirder the better. I went to the Sanderson exhibition at the fashion and textile museum a few weeks ago which was really excellent. Sanderson’s was a company whom I was aware of but couldn’t have told you what their designs were like. Truly iconic is all I can say!
I think for me the heyday of textile design has to be the 40’s and 50’s all the novelty and conversational prints that stand out. Why does everything just have to be straightforward florals nowadays? A great example of the ingenious designs in Britain is Jacqmar scarves, particularly collectible are their forties propaganda scarves. Numerous great examples can be found in the book wearing propaganda. This is something that I love about scarves though, the chance for you to completely alter an outfit with such a simple accessory, to demonstrate your personality even when the rest of your outfit is totally plain.

images from http://www.designboom.com

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