The importance of a petticoat

I was taking some pictures of a few of my loveeeely vintage pieces on Friday and was trying to make my pieces look as “right” as possible. I have always been an advocate of the petticoat, but i think these really prove just how AMAZING 50’s dresses look with petticoats.

As of yesterday i also FINALLY have a petticoat that actually fits me and is the right length. Thanks to Dead man’s glory- Portsmouth (bought from their ebay). The petticoats used on my mannequin are actually too big for me, which is a problem i repeatedly have. One size fits all is simply not the case when you are a size 6. One of them said it was suitable for a 20 inch waist upwards, i normally wear a 23-24inch waist and it literally FELL down me. grrr. Annoying ebay. Anyway rant over, this really was just an excuse to show off some lovely pictures.

All three dresses are from my ever growing Horrockses collection