The Chap ball- what a night!

Last Saturday I had an absolute BALL (ha ha geddit?) at the Chap Ball.

This was my dress for the night, an amazing full length 30s dress by Laura Phillips. I purchased this from Scarlet Vintage in Bath earlier this year. I wore it with original 30s gold shoes. Very 30s night for sure. I also made the mistake of pincurling my hair. FAIL. My hair is currently too short for pin curling and pre pining up the top of it, it somewhat made me resemble Harry Styles : / woops.

I went with my friend Holly, and saw lots of other familiar (and unfamiliar but equally friendly!) faces there!

This is me with Holly (in the blue) and Vicky (in the green) a fellow vintage lover who is studying on my masters course!

We also met some fabulous Australian bloggers Tim and Jesse from Like Johnny and June(we are with Jesse in this pic) and Michelle from, and the other person in the photo is the always wonderful Fleur of Diary of a vintage girl (damn Fleur for being so tall and unbelievably elegant!)

Hope you enjoy the lovely outfits!

P.s. does anyone who was at the ball know who the lady was wearing the AMAZING 50s dress in a chanpagne colour with the heavily structured winged bodice??? I meant to ask her about her dress… but a few too many cocktails meant I didn’t!