21st Birthday loveliness

My Post today is a little off topic. I normally try and keep my posts to just talking about vintage, but this time i want to speak about vintage and my love for my friends.

Last night i had my 21st birthday party. I was wearing a dress i had chosen specially for the occasion. It was an amazing 50’s ballgown, which i bought from one of my favourite vintage shops Mela Mela Vintage in Teddington. Do visit their website, melamela.co.uk they have some absolutely wonderful stuff. The ladies in the shop too aren’t pushy they really helped me to choose a dress for my party that suited me, yet was totally show stopping! I’m guessing the dress is probably an American prom dress. I reckon its probably a mid fifties piece (typical mid fifties centre back zip and the strapless style just screams this to me!) Here are a few pics of the dress from the very beginning of the night.

You may also notice i have pretty spectacular hair and make up (The lipstick is still on now!!!) i had this done at the Vintage Hair Lounge in Southampton (where i currently have some of my vintage clothing for sale) http://www.vintagehairlounge.com. Sharon and Gloria really did a wonderful job and made me feel incredibly glamorous. The look i went for was heavily inspired by the wonderful Elizabeth Taylor.

And now onto the party itself. I had an amazing cocktail party which was topped off by my beautiful vintage cocktail cabinet from Flo and Stan in Southsea, it just fits so fabulously! We drank  Mojitos, Woo Woos and Pina Coladas, they were delish and suitably alcoholic.

I have to say a HUGE thank you for my friends who travelled the 160 miles (or maybe more) to come down to Romsey for my party. A special thank you to my dear friend Caroline too, We’ve known each other 17 years and  I can’t believe she is still putting up with me! (she is the girl in the red top and black pencil skirt) All of my friends looked wonderful, and really made me feel special, and also a massive thank you to my Mum and Aunt for being Barmaids extraordinaire and making sure my party went off without a hitch!

Advantage In Vintage hits Southampton

As many who know me and read my blog realise I have a HUGE collection of vintage clothing. I’ve been selling my vintage on ebay for over 3 years (mostly jewellery and accessories) although. now I am branching out further. Now you can see my vintage in REAL LIFE!

Yesterday I embarked on a new collaboration with the Vintage Hair Lounge in Southampton. Their windows now contain some of my lovely vintage pieces and best of all, everything you see is for sale! I’m so excited about this new collaboration as the Vintage Hair Lounge is an amazing place and they do fabulous hair and make up (I’m going there to have my hair and make up done for my 21st).

The vintage hair lounge website can be found here: http://www.vintagehairlounge.com/

They will be doing hair demo’s next week at the West Quay vintage fair. I highly recommend anyone in the Southampton area pops along. More details about the fayre can be found here:


I will be regularly updating the windows so keep a check on my blog to see what I have put in the windows next! Also, If anyone would like any more details of the items I have for sale in the windows please do feel free to contact me.

The fabulous fifties lecture

On monday i did my first proper lecture for Winchester fashion week. Now i’ve spoken to people before, done minor talks but this was my first talk with a BIG audience. 71 people turned up, which for a little lecture in the Winchester Discovery centre was pretty amazing.I spoke about 1950’s fashion, and i think my passion for the topic really cam across! People had wonderful things to say and were so kind about the pieces from my ever growing collection which i took with me. Winchester fashion week is happening all this week. There are lots of great events still to happen such as the Cirque du fashion shows. These are just a few of my own pics, but when i get hold of the other from the WFW team i’ll upload those too.

Winchester fashion week can be found here: http://www.winchesterfashionweek.com/

Also you may notice i have rather spiffing hair and make up. This was done by the Vintage Hair Lounge in Southampton who i played at being a model for on Monday morning. I’m going to write a bit more about them in my next blog post!