Vintage obsessions: Linzi line

Linzi line- One of the many lines which set out to recreate the Horrockses look . Linzi line was aimed at quite a young market as can be seen in their advertisements.

This is a lovely example from the Hampshire museum service collection. It has an almost flamenco styled skirt which helps to give it a young, flirty feel. The dress is dated 1955-59.


And this is one of my own examples. I am still unsure as to why I bought this considering I have hideously pasty skin, and white is just not a good look on me! Maybe I will sell it at some point. It has a nylon zip which suggest to me its probably 60s. It really reminds me of that infamous Marilyn Monroe dress.

I also just found this other example of Linzi line that i own. Another dress that i think i may sell (i just can’t get it to look right on me). Again this has my favourite colour combination of olive/forest green and shocking pink. Delish.

I must say that i would LOVE to find a dress similar to one of those in the adverts i have seen though. They are all such beauties.
I have just been told by a very dear friend of mine (the legendary Caroline Benn) that this advertisement is based of “The Misses Hunters” By Singer Sargeant 1902. I love the way that they have clearly been influenced by the original painting yet modernised just a touch so that unless you really looked you might not see the link to the Singer Sargeant painting and simply see it as a beautifully staged photograph.