A trip into my collection: 5 new Horrockses purchases

Today is an opportunity for a sneaky peek into my personal collection. In the last few months I’ve gone a bit mad on Horrockses dresses, my collection has been pretty large for a while now, but within a short while I have added five more to my collection, all which add something a little different I feel.

This is Horrockses number one, and is probably the latest of all the Horrockses I bought. With this label it is most likely it dates to post 1958. I don’t normally buy Horrockses in this style although I thought a corduroy Horrockses was a must as dresses such as they often appeared in Vogue during the winter months.

Here is Horrockses number two and one I was particularly excited by. This little number is actually earlier than I ever normally buy Horrockses wise and predates the launch of Horrockses fashions in 1946. This dress infact combines two things I collect as it is also a CC41 dress. What is good about this dress therefore is it can be dates quite easily between 1942-1946. Although it predates Horrockses fashions it still has an iconic Horrockses print which makes it a great addition to my collection.

This is Horrockses number three and is so typical of my Horrockses collection in a wonderful biadere stripe design. This is almost certainly a mid 50s example. What I like about this is that it also has a Richard shops label demonstrating how Horrockses primarily sold through concessions in department stores.

                                                          (it has pockets yayyyyyy!!!!)

Horrockses number four and is probably the most show stopping of all I recently purchased. This is more of an evening dress, and what this really reminded me of was Matisse’s cut out designs.
This lovely dress was purchased from Scarlet vintage. Check out the website or visit the shop in Bath, AMAZING stock.

And finally Horrockses number five. At first this appears the most unremarkable of all the Horrockses I have purchased, but is infact probably the most important. This amazing example can be EXACTLY dated to 1953 as the dress was produced as a special souvenir for the coronation. If you look closely you can see “Elizabeth Regina 1953” printed all over this lovely dress. So not only is it a Horrockses, but with the Queen’s diamond jubilee coming up it is a highly relevant dress too.
I hope you all enjoyed a little outing into my collection!

Leeds vintage fair does it again!

I absolutely love Leeds vintage fair and today was the day yet again. A rather fab day was had I have to saay.
This is the suit I wore today, my housemate said I looked like a Butlins red coat, hopefully in a good way. It is quite remarkable i actually look semi-alive in this picture as I had only four hours sleep and felt like I was going to be sick from a serious hangover (housemates birthday last night….that’s how I roll!)
 I’m trying to be good money wise at the moment, so I didn’t go too overboard on purchases, but these are the two dresses I picked up!
First off this gorgeous black 1930s dress. I rarely buy vintage this old (to wear) but this was in such brilliant condition i felt like I needed it in my life. Very upstairs downstairs! The rouleau loops were a bit of a nightmare to get done up, but i think it is worth the effort. Pretty impressed with my own skills though as I didn’t try it on and just guessed it looked about the right size, and it was! I adored the shoulder pads and the draping of it too, such a Hollywood glamour look! It kind of reminds me of Elsa Schiaparelli’s designs…
(I’ve lightened these pics so you can properly see the detail!)
Then I picked up this beautiful dress too, not my normal style, but it was pretty cheap and I thought I might find an excuse to wear it! The lady who I bought it from has some absolutely sensational stock. She sells through ebay, Dolly Wiggins vintage I strongly recommend you check her out, she had a wonderful selection of 30s, 40s and 50s dresses all at v v reasonable prices at the fair. I could have bought more, but as I say I am (meant to be) on a budget!

A little bit of Beaton

I’m an absolute Cecil Beaton addict. I love his photography, his designs for My fair lady, the history behind the group the bright young people that he belonged to and also the exhibition he curated for the Victoria and Albert museum in 1971 Fashion: An Anthology. Therefore it’s not surprising that I’m basing my current styling and photography project around the work and background of Beaton. This means sharing lots of examples of Beaton’s work over the coming weeks. SWOON.

These images come from Vogue shoots by Beaton in the 1940s. Dresses by names such as Adele Simpson, Mainbocher and Peter Russell. Miss Rayne has been talking about Peter Russell here, do take a look, it is v interesting. Just a quick F.Y.I too, for anyone interested in designers of the 40s and 50s DO keep a look out for vintage copies of  shopping magazine for similar examples to the interview that Miss Rayne shows, i’ve found informative interviews with both Hardy Amies and Norman Hartnell in the magazine before, and even better they often go pretty cheaply on ebay!

What i love most about these images is the colour, they have a real fantasy look to them, which actually makes me think about the wizard of oz! Definitely using these for my inspiration.

images from flickr.com and myvintagevogue.blogspot.com