Bye bye 2013

I’ve always liked posts that look back upon the year in retrospect,  and these are always a favourite on my friends blogs, when I look back and think; I remember that! And also because I think it is really positive to be reflective about what you have achieved in a year so that you can you go forward into the new year. I’ve written posts like these in the past, both in 2012 and 2011 too and looking back on them now I find them an amusing, although positive read.

Owing to the fact that a lot of the things I have done this year I am not really allowed to talk about (this sounds very cryptic, its mostly to do with museums/ talks and writing though!) So instead I thought I would do it a bit differently this year with a series of pictures that I feel summed up important events this year.

January: I started the year in style in a full length Horrockses dress with four of my favourite ladies.


February: I can’t remember much from February, but here’s me and my darling friend Holly at a VM night!


March: I went back to my high school for the second time in the space of a few months to talk careers to current students.


My Grandma turned 70, it was a very special day to have so many of the Thompson side of the fam together.


April: Design History did Berlin.


I spent a lot of April like this, feeling pretty stressed.


May: Tasha was tribe bride number 1, which meant a trip for all of our group of girl friends to Ireland and what a sensational bride she was.


June: Glastonbury was an absolute highlight with some of my favourites from Leeds. We are doing it all again next year for the third time (even if I have to go on the Friday owing to my graduation!)


July: My lovely friend Nikki was tribe bride number two. This time closer to home in Wimbledon and just as special : )


I went to a Ball at Kensington palace and finally had a chance to wear THIS dress.


August: I turned 23. Caro rescued me. This is a theme of 2013. I’ve had a few emotional wobbles this year for various reasons and had a pretty bad one around my birthday, thankfully I had Caro there to sort me out. She really is a friend in a million.


September: I seemed to spend a lot of September going out if I’m perfectly honest…Quiet a few times with this lovely lady ; )


And I worked here rather a lot too…


October: I bought a lot of vintage for one top secret project, and also a lot of magazines for my masters reseach, which ended up being super useful.


I wore this for something rather special. I’m not going to get soppy, so I’ll just put a ; ).


It’s also one of the most popular posts on my instagram…

November: Naomi and I played with my Mum’s extensive jewellery collection for something that you will be hearing a lot more about come 2014.


December: I spent most of my time like this owing to my intelligently broken foot.


Roll on 2014 when hopefully I will be able to talk more about the projects I have been working on!

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