My New Years eve dress!

This post really should have been published last week, but my camera charger was on holiday!

I just wanted to share with you all the dress I wore on New Years Eve- mostly because it hasn’t featured on my blog before. Sorry that there is only one pic- and I have my eyes closed- This was all I managed to take before my camera kindly ran out of battery.

The dress is one of my many Horrockses numbers. This dress actually featured in Homes and antiques earlier this year.

The dress is quite a-typical for Horrockses- featuring a satin trim around the hem and piping details to the sleeves. It has a slightly flamenco dancer feel to it.

The print is incredibly interesting as it is printed cotton yet designed to resemble lace- demonstrating the ever innovative work of Horrockses print designers.

A few pics of me and my friends from the night (I had drunk a *tad* too much in most of these pictures hence why I look a little frazzled you may say!)

Now updated with even more pics of my gorgeous friends. P.s. My friend Ellie ( in the gorgeous burgundy Indian embroidered dress was a slightly 20s feel) also is a super fly blogger ; ) you can find her here.

4 thoughts on “My New Years eve dress!

  1. Hello Liz, I have just stumbled across your blog via Dairy of a Vintage Girl and am madly envious of your Horrockses frock collection. For Christmas I received a book on Horrockses and have been devouring it, and wishing that I could get my hands on that sort of fabric now. I haven't seen a Horrockses frock in the flesh in Australia (I keep hoping) so have decided I am going to recreate my own. In the meantime I will be ooggling yours 🙂

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