Summer means Summer dresses!

I’m in Amsterdam at the moment, but i didn’t want to leave my blog all lonely with no post…. so I’ve scheduled a few for your reading pleasure!

The weather in Leeds (as with most of the rest of the country) was simply STUNNING over the weekend, which has of course given me a great opportunity to wear some of the veritable meangerie of amazing vintage summer dresses i own (dread to think how many i have : / ).
This was the dress i wore on saturday for a lovely day spent in Saltaire, which has to be one of the loveliest and most tranquil places to visit in West Yorkshire (I’ve even shared a few of my terribly taken pics of the town).

My outfit consisted of:

Horrockses biadere stripe dress. This was my first ever Horrockses, and still i think it is probably my favourite!

Original 1950s sunglasses (these are seriously showstopping- they look like eyelashes) purchased from Harrogate last year

Miss L Fire tiki shoes. Honestly these shoes are the most comfy pair of heels I own- so great!

The weather was equally lovely on Sunday, so this was my outfit for a trip into Leeds. Apolos for the lack of feet in this pic, I had to wear hideous sandals as my feet have swollen up because of the heat.

Horrockses Floral dress, a good old ebay purchase from 2009.

Yellow vintage 50s  sparkly sunglasses pruchased from Bells antiques in Romsey, Hampshire

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