Book review: Fashion sourcebook-The 1920s

I love a good book. Whether it be fiction or non fiction there is nothing better than an afternoon snuggled on the sofa reading.
One of my recent purchases was Fashion sourcebook: 1920s by Emmanuelle Dirix and Charlotte Fiell.
WOW what a book! I’ve had this book for about three months but finishing my degree has finally given me the opportunity to browse it properly and it really is showstopping. Not only is this book beautiful throughout but it also contains interesting and insightful information in it.
I’ve just highlighted a few of my favourite images here.

(apologies for the rubbish quality of the images, the book was too big to go my scanner and scan properly!)

The great thing about this book is that it doesn’t just use the standard 20s stock images you see from Vogue. Almost all of the images come from the Fiell archive and I doubt in the whole (over 500 page) book there are more than 20 images I have seen before. Every time you turn the page it is a visual feast of Deco glamour with both original illustrations and photographs from the period. Included in the book is daywear, eveningwear, lingerie, shoes, hats and lesiurewear.
This book also has wide ranging appeal. Great for fashion history enthusiasts but also an excellent t resource for those interested in fashion illustration and fashion students too.
So yes, go out and buy this!!!
A 1930s sourcebook will also be available in June.

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