A few outfits of late and A serious chop…

Tomorrow I am off back to Leeds after a glorious time back in London and I just thought I would share a few of my outfits of the last couple of weeks, although I was actually really limited as to what I had to wear because I didn’t have much room in my suitcase to bring clothes home. You will see that at the end of my time back home I rather changed my look too…


First off was this lovely silk Victor Josselyn dress. This is one of my all time bargain pieces (£20 a few years ago from ebay). It is a late 1950s dress and has an intriguing underskirt trimmed with red silk which I often can not help but reveal!
 Next off one of my favourite suits of the moment. I’ve blogged about this little suit before, but I finally got round to getting it dry cleaned so for my RCA interview it seemed like the perfect opportunity to wear it (squeezed into the 22in waist…painful but well worth it!). I’m wearing it here with a little white cotton shirt which I believe is 1930s. This shirt is made from the softest cotton ever. It feels like tissues on the skin.
Next off an outfit which I feel I have pretty much lived in for the last few weeks (partly because it is one of the few things I have easily to hand). This is one of my favourite novelty print skirts, I believe it is American and features bouquets of flowers wrapped in newspaper, a lovely example of a 50s circle skirt. I’m wearing this was a 1960s yellow beaded “made in Hong Kong” cardigan and one of my all time favourite pieces of Tatty Devine jewellery. 
Then onto this lovely 70s dress in a really intriguing cotton devore fabric. This dress was owned by the same lady as the suit above.

After insisting for what feels like months on end that I was going to get my hair cut on Monday I finally bit the bullet and did it. GULP. Back to the pixie crop.
very cute Easter appropriate brooch from Tatty Devine and vintage St Michael rose print 50s circle skirt, accent my new look!


Improvement on the long hair. Si?

Designing Women: Post War British textiles at the Fashion and Textile Museum

Today, the final exhibition review for a while. Last Wednesday I went to Designing women: post war British textiles at the Fashion and textile museum.
The exhibition primarily focuses on the work of three designers; Lucienne Day, Jacqueline Groag and Marian Mahler.
There are a few pieces also by the designer Paule Vezelay, Mary White and Mary Warren.
There are some truly fantastic textiles on display at the exhibition, with the focus on textile design of these women from the 50s.
The exhibition here is more about interiors textiles rather than fashion textiles. I actually really enjoyed this myself ( I found it inspiring for how I would like to decorate my own home!) although I could tell some of the other visitors were a little disgruntled.
I would just say that if you have been to see the British design exhibition this works really well as a “follow up” and adds more detail to some of the design work seen within the Victoria and Albert Museum exhibition.
Whilst I enjoyed this exhibition I did think that it felt a little empty and that they could have fitted the work of more designers into the space…but again this is just personal opinion (maybe some print designs by some of the great designers who worked for Horrockses like Pat Albeck, Brigitte Denhert and Joyce Badrocke???)
I would highly recommend this exhibition though and I’ll leave you with some of the multitude of pictures I took (a great thing about the FTM they allow you to be as snappy happy- flash off of course- as you like)

 Lucienne Day “Too many cooks” and “good food”

  Lucienne Day “Trio”

  Lucienne Day “Herb Anthony”

  Lucienne Day

 Marian Mahler “Sails”

 Marian Mahler “Bird chair”

 No details

 Jacqueline Groag “Aquarius”

 Jacqueline Groag “Good morning” and “Family outing

Paule Vezelay “Harmony”

 Mary Warren “Spinners”

Mary White “Coppice”