A New (to me) 50s vintage novelty print skirt

Sorry I have been so ridiculously quiet of late! Unfortunately this is likely to continue for the next two weeks until my final degree coursework is handed in.

So, for now I’m just going to keep sharing some pieces purchased lately : )
Today is this rather spiffing 1950s skirt which is in absolutely perfect condition (the cotton is so crisp i wouldn’t be surprised if it had never been worn)

I am an absolute sucker for novelty prints. Give me something a little bit different or random and I am a happy bunny. This gorgeous skirt is not exception printed all over with champagne bottles and grapes. It really is a perfect skirt for someone like me who certainly enjoys a tipple!

This skirt comes from the retailer Richard shops, although it has no makers label. Richard shops designed their own brand garments as well as selling pieces by other companies. Richard shops was a well known department store with the brand first started way back in 1927 by Jack Lyons. The company finally ceased trading in 1999 after being bought out by Arcadia and most stores changed to those within the Arcadia group.

Richard shops Preston c.1962

I also have a Horrockses dress with a Richard shops retailer label in it (the same label as this) which demonstrates they were one of the many department stores that stocked Horrockses dresses in the 50s.

I’m actually pretty interested by Richard shops as it’s only since buying vintage that I’ve come across the department store despite the fact it was still operating in my lifetime. Was it mostly a Northern operation? And what sort of price level were they at? (I’m guessing due to their buy out by Allders at one point it was somewhat similar to them). Anyway I’d love to know more if anyone has any info!

12 thoughts on “A New (to me) 50s vintage novelty print skirt

  1. What a fabulously fun skirt! I'm drawn to unique/novelty prints, too, and would definitely have stopped and taken notice if I'd spotted this delightful piece, too.Wishing you a lovely, relaxing weekend,Jessica

  2. I remember Richards shops as independent stores when I was a teen (in the 80s!) Sheffield used to have quite a big one. I'd describe them as more like Next is now- mainstream, quality, affordable but not particularly groundbreaking! They always seemed a bit old lady- but everything does when you're 15 and your Mum shops there!!!!

  3. I remember visiting Richard shops in the 80s in Scarborough and Brighton, can't remember where they were in Scarborough but in Brighton they were on Western road just a few doors from where Primark is now. I've got an old RS carrier bag from the late 70s or early 80s, if you would like it let me know.

  4. Beautiful and very inspiring posts and blog! We share the same passion so let's follow each other!:)Please take a look at my blog and let me know if you wanna be fashion friends!

  5. Thanks everyone for the help on Richard shops, I really appreciate it. And great to know about its position on the high street. When I asked my family about it they didn't seem to remember one local to us at all, so i was at a bit of a sticking point as to what the retailer was like. Interesting that there was one in Brighton in particular I'm going to look up where that is as so far that is the only Southern one I've heard of!

  6. Hi there, I’ve seen your post about Richard shops but it seems quite old. If you see this would it be possible for you to email me. I’ve got a dress of this designer and would love to know more

  7. Hi Liz
    I actually sold you one of my Horrocks dresses last year and I often get Richards shops clothes in too . I’ve just sold a fab zip up cape with a fur hood from the 70’s from Richards Shops.
    My sister was a window dresser for them in the early 70’s in Perth Scotland , there was also a shop in Dundee and she thinks possibly Edinburgh , and can’t remember if the were scottish based thought .
    They were very cutting edge at the time everything was up to the minute fashion , they would have been classed as a boutique .
    I remember she wore hot pants for doing the windows !!!
    I loved going in there , they were very affordable probably aimed at the working girl , I remember in the middle of the shop there was a huge circular dress rail , the whole shop was fitted out in white plastics and Crome fittings , very fashionable at the time .
    You must watch out for my posts on Instagram FB and Twitter , as you will see my vintage collections posted there.
    54 George street , Perth

  8. I lived in Eastbourne in the1960 and shopped at Richards shops clothes were very well made and fashionable the Brighton shop was larger and I Think I bought my wedding dress there as far as I remember they were in most towns along with Dorothy Norman’s which was a cheaper version of dorothy perkins

  9. I I worked as a window dresser at Richard shops from 1959 to 1969 travelling between Leeds Wakefild Shaffield and Scarborough . Great shops and clothes.

    • Hi, odd question, but do you remember the door handles? I think all the shops were the same. Double glass doors with large oblong slabs with the figures (different) of ladies on them. They stood out in relief and were textured (like ribbing). I don’t think I dreamt it, but none of my friends remember ….. !

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