Welcome to my world: Adventure in my boudoir

Today I’ve made it back down to good old Romsey. Which is my sometimes hometown. I’ve come back to find my room completely transformed from what it looked like three months ago. My mum has been out of work for a while and clearly beautifying my bedroom is a way she has been spending her time!
I’ll take you on a quick tour (it’s only small!) and you can see some of my lovely vintage goodies : )
my mum likes making arty displays. The dress here is actually a new look dress that i’ve had for at least 7 years. Its such a sweet little piece. The handbag is a Mappin and Webb 1950s one.

Onto my wardrobe. The two dresses seen hanging are two personal favourites the black one is handpainted silk by London town and the blue number is one of my gorgeous Horrockses!

This is just a tiny selection of mine and my mums vintage jewellery collection. We have ALOT more

 My lovely art deco dressing table. Apologies for all of the parcels piled up on the chair. Ebay addict o’clock.

 A closer look at what is on my dressing table. The shoes were an absolute find and are amazing supple gold kid leather that date to around 1890. The vintage handbags are a mixture of mine and my mums. Handbags is how i started my vintage collecting habbits.

 Two pairs of Rayne mules. Oh how i wish my feet were narrow enough for these!!!

My amazing 1930s light fittings. Aren’t they stunning!

Oh and just a cheeky image of my Horrockses bedding with my original Horrockses dress. Just a little bit of a Horrockses super fan you could say.

And my lovely little illustrations on the wall that my mum and I picked up at a vintage fair in Halifax (P.s. I hate these curtains with a passion and they are the only part of my room that i dislike. I actually hope my mum reads this and gets the picture : ) : ) )

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