Vintage photographs and magazines

This morning (hangover in tow) I took myself off to my favourite car boot sale at St Philomena’s high school in Carshalton, Surrey. The car boot wasn’t quite at its best, quieter than usual for sellers, although there were still some excellent bits and bobs to be found.

I bought nearly all of my goodies from one seller. The majority of my purchases were a stack of 1930s magazines (the seller had a RIDICULOUS number). But what I was really excited about was the three photographs I bought.

I always find it a bit weird buying old photographs, it is something that is so personal to someone and I always feel upset that people would not want to keep items such as this which hold such a close personal connection. My own family pictures that I have are amongst my most prized possessions. Especially the pictures of my Nanna Hazel in the 40s and 50s, who stands today as my inspiration in life.

My main reason for purchasing such pictures tend to be their clothes, but today only one was purchased on the base of the fashion. The other two ladies were just so hauntingly beautiful that they had to come away with me!

This is the first image. A 1930s one. To me with the big collars this appears to be very much mid 30s and fits in perfectly with some of the imagery in the magazines I picked up today which mostly date from the 33-35 period.

This is the second stunning lady. As you can only see a tiny hint of her dress it is very difficult to date accurately. I’m guessing this dates from the early 1910s, although without more of a picture it is difficult to tell. It is the bodice on this that is really saying that to me!


This is the last and my favourite, another lady who had to come with me. She is very much an unconventional beauty and the first thought when saw her was doesn’t she look like Jane Morris! Jane was the wife of the great Pre Raphaelite and arts and crafts artist William Morris. Jane was also the muse of Dante Gabriel Rosetti one of the founding members of pre-Raphaelite brotherhood. The painting this particularly reminded me of was Proserpine (1874) with Jane Morris’ luxurious waves of dark hair which are echoed in this image.

I really struggled with dating this image. To me it is quite a timeless one, but I did a little research on the photographers studio which the second and third image come from and found out that Alexander Jonas ran a photography studio at 87 high street Kingsland (Dalston) from 1906 to 1915. So I suppose it must date in between these two dates.

I did make a few other purchases too of jewellery and compacts but I thought these were far more interesting!

2 thoughts on “Vintage photographs and magazines

  1. Great scores! Those 30's mags will be choc full of fabulous inspiration! I love that second phot best,her outfit is gorgeous! I love old photos,I could spend hours thinking about the people in them…it does seem sad,but maybe there was no one to leave them to? Or some just aren't interested in that kind of thing.I think the peeps in the pix will be thrilled that they are giving someone pleasure!XXX

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