Extreme vintage fair dissapointment

Oh dear. Yesterday i went to the first Judys affordable vintage fair held in Southampton and all i can say is that i was EXTREMELY dissapointed.
I don’t like to rant in blog posts, but i really am going to rant here. So, whilst i understand that 80s and 90s clothing is now seen as vintage ( i own some pieces myself) i hate to go to a vintage fair and see nothing but clothes from this period. Not only that, but poor quality 80s and 90s clothes. I don’t think i have ever seen so much scratchy nylon abd static polyester in my life! I really do wonder a why people would want to buy this stuff. It really was like going to a very bad charity shop!

Not only that, but it was peoples attitudes to the *ahem* proper vintage on offer. There were a few nice 50s cocktail dresses prices between £60 and £100 which are perfectly fair prices, yet people were turning their noses up at them, claiming they were too expensive.

This is the problem with vintage fairs selling cheap 80s and 90s rubbish. They just feul our addiction to fast fashion even further, yes by buying this rubbish again you are keeping garments off the landfill BUT it encourages the fashion industry to produce yet more cheap synthetic rubbish to replicate the “style”!

I actually felt a little upset that i had even bothered to wear my nice 50s dress.

To be honest i came away feeling like my sunday would have been better spent hunting out bargains at a bootfair, rather than crammed in a stuffy hall with a lot of pretentious idiots!

3 thoughts on “Extreme vintage fair dissapointment

  1. I only had a stall at one vintage fair and while the other sellers weren't prententious, it was a complete waste of time for me. the other stalls had some decent stuff but mostly they were offloading cheap or damaged goods onto students.Back to the internet fo me.

  2. I went to uni up north and i found the fairs up there ( Harrogate, Ilkley, Saltaire, Huddersfield etc) were a lot better. I just don't understand why people would buy the rubbish!I much prefer selling on the internet too, its just so much less stress.

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