My other Horrockses baby that i had totally forgotten about!

When i say babies in reference to my Horrockses dresses i say it in respect that they are my “children” i really do love them, i sort of wish i didn’t hold sold a connection to my vintage clothes, as it means even if they don’t fit me i couldn’t bring myself to sell them. This piece is a real beauty though. Of my Horrockses numbers it is the only true “ballgown” style dress. It is in excellent condition with the cotton having a slight sheen to it. I think (due to the label) that this is a slightly later piece than my other Horrockses numbers, but i really do love it. The bold floral print is perfectly set off by the muted pale pink background and helps it to be both elegant and understated.

2 thoughts on “My other Horrockses baby that i had totally forgotten about!

  1. Hello – looked up your blog after the comment you left me about Horrockses on mine! Have serious dress envy of this and your other numbers. Where did you find it (them)? Does this fit you and do you ever dare wear it? One of my favourite things from the Horrockses Fashions book is all the women who have such happy memories of wearing their dresses – I bet they were a blast to wear!

  2. Ah only two of my Horrockses fit me the other one is too big! I am quite lucky because i am rather small so all the tiny 50's dresses tend to fit me. I have bought all three of these off ebay (just bought another today as well) that seems to be the main place to find them. Alot of the london vintage fairs i have been to lately have had some too, but they tend to be £100 upwards, whereas i bought all of these quite cheaply. Retail price for Horrockses should be around £80-£90. They are so great to wear though, because they are cotton i feel like i don't have the same fear when i wear them as with other vintage dresses made of satin and silk that i own!

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