This is where it all started

This handbag pretty much defines me, some may say defined by a handbag pah! But, i will always remember this bag and what it started for me. I don’t think i was any older than 7 when my mum came home with it. My mum has always been a BIG fan of charity shops and kitsch old looking things ( everyone calls her house the “cath kidston” house for this reason) and for the last 13 or 14 years she has been buying vintage handbags, i mean this was a time before people really knew got the whole vintage thing, but i think my mum just liked things with a history. I think my Mum picked this one up in a charity shop in Banstead, Surrey (where alot of our vintage handbags have come from) and I’m pretty sure it can’t have cost more than a fiver.I can remember playing with it when i was younger stroking the stunning silk embroidery and imaging the elegant lady who it once belonged to (i’m pretty sure it is a twenties piece). It is something which i have repeatedly revisited, i have used it for inspiration on a number of projects and used it as that perfect acsessory for many an outfit. When i was about 13 and got into serious vintage hunting this was my inspiration project, and i still love it as much today as i did as a 7 year old playing dress-up.

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