I really must stopping obsessing over…

The chloe fall 2009 collection, it’s now got so bad that i find myself on style.com on a near daily basis oggling the entire collection. Its to a point its nearly as bad as my chocolate obsession, i just need a little bit a day and i will stay satisfied…oh dear.
It is definitely not helped by the beautiful adverts for the collection where all the models appear striding through fields with the light playing delicately across the clothes so they appear just that bit more appealing. The shapes in this collection are just too wonderful i love all the paperbag waists which create fullness across the hips (needed for someone like me who was definitely bypassed when it came to giving out womanly curves), and the stunning blouses with the bow detailing all down the sleeves which is perfectly offset by the rich diaphanous silk, *sigh* i think I’ll just have to settle for my H and M Chloe knock offs.

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