A Very Very lonely weekend

So this weekend my housemates (and seemingly most people i know in leeds) have decided it is the perfect weekend to go away, therefore i am alone, very alone, and i think this means i will be making ALOT of blog entries this weekend.
I’m currently doing a project where i have to create patterns that tesselate and i chose to base my patterns on the work of Leon Bakst. I spent so long desperately trying to find an inspiration point and after trawling WGSN for a bit i came across a trend with some of his imagery, and it’s odd because i had almost forgotten how brilliant he is. The rythym and movement within his imagery is beautiful so much so that you can almost hear the music when you look at his illustrations. Also it is the way that his illustrations( as with so many others of the time) combine the old with the new, the shapes of both the clothing and patterns are backward looking yet forward thinking. you can see the art nouveau influence with the flowing sinuous forms and the prediction through use of costume that womens clothing would soon become less restrictive and more liberating. Along with Poiret and others (one of my all time favourite designers and someone who i will talk more about soon), he helped to revolutionise the way in which we view female beauty and take more influence from the less restrictive eastern world.
I’ll upload some of my own patterns when i get them finished, i’m thinking i’ll paint them in watercolour to keep them very Bakst style, which could be a nightmare as i haven’t used watercolours in about two years…but we will see.

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