A complete blog overhaul

As much as my blog title “High-waisted,? Corseted? Floral?” Is still very much me I feel its time for a change. Nothing major, just a little bit of an update now I am trying to get all technical and add things like twitter to my blog : /

I could realistically just call my blog obsessed with Horrockses, considering how much I write about the brand, and the simple fact that I rarely go a day without thinking about Horrockses dresses in some respect (it really is rather worrying. I have to say).

But no, something a little more different. The first thought that popped into my mind was The vintage Vanguardista ( Spanish meaning cutting-edge or avant guard) but I came to realise that actually when you translate it doesn’t really make that much sense I just liked the sound of it.

Then, after slipping into thoughts of summer time and watching the tennis it came to me Advantage in Vintage. I could play around with this idea all day long. The vintage advantage (go on try and say it, it’s a tongue twister if there ever was one!), Advintage or even just advantage vintage. So yes, a blog overhaul and a new name. Lovely.
The picture is of me wearing one of my beloved Horrockses dresses