Vintage obsessions: Sambo fashions

Sambo fashions- . Sambo fashions were well known for their lively printed summer dresses in the 50s. They were often seen as a poorer relation to Horrockses. I think my example shows this. Whist it IS a lovely piece in no way does it measure up to my Horrockses dresses!


Dollyrockers was one of the brands under the umbrella brand “Sambo”, designed by Samuel Sherman. Sherman also designed the labels concept, clothes and the label Samuel Sherman. The Dollyrockers brand was active from 1963 until the late 1970s. In the1960s it specialised in producing simple mini dresses whilst in the 1970s the brand was famous for their peasant style dresses. The Dollyrockers brand worked in conjunction with Dolcis shoes. They created joint marketing and publicity campaigns and also offered completely coordinated shoes and dresses. The range was well known in the period for their use of skilled cut and high quality fabrics, yet surprisingly reasonable prices.

Pattie Boyd, the “It” girl of the mid sixties ( and dating Beatle George Harrison) became the face of Dollyrockers campaigns. Even after Boyd stopped modelling Dollyrockers the brand was associated with her for a long time.

This is an example from the Dollyrockers line. Currently on display at Portsmouth city museum. Dating to around 1965.