The big Advantage in Vintage Christmas sale!

DRUM ROLL Advantage in vintage is back trading in ebay land after quite a big hiautus!!!! I had mostly been concentrating on selling via etsy (I have to admit, I am preferring etsy to ebay at the moment!), but for Christmas I am back with what can only be described as a BUMPER sale. I currently have 60 fabulous party dresses and coats listed, and on Sunday there will be another 60!!! That’s right 120 items of  vintage (and a bit of modern!) goodness.  Not only that, I am also preparing some more winter bits which will be listed after Christmas (i.e. less Christmas suitable pieces, more just good winter pieces).


Check out all the listings here


So, what lovely goodies are already listed? Here is just a quick rundown of a few of my personal faves.

Fabulous 1930s hot pink satin full length evening dress


Purple Frank Usher bubble dress


San Paula novelty cracker print 40s housecoat


Black 50s Prestige junior velvet wiggle dress


70s slinky John Marks emerald green evening dress


Gorgeous red Ben Zuckermann jacket (this label is preeeety collectible in the States!)


Stunning Alice Edwards 1950s brocade evening dress



Amazing pale blue embroidered ball gown


Insane 70s does 50s gold prom dress- This will surely make you shine at all the Christmas parties this year





Don’t forget to check out ebay tomorrow for lots of coats and handbags too!!!


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