An original Biba ensemble from 1973

Over on ebay this week I have some FABULOUS items listed but the absolute gem has to be the Biba cardigan suit I am offering.

Now 70s isn’t normally my thing, but as I said before when I was selling a fantastic Alice Pollock dress, I sometimes make exceptions, and this is one of them ( Actually I’ll be honest I’m getting more and more into 70s stuff all the time)

I’ve done quite a bit of background research into this wonderful suit and have been able to date it to 1973 after finding some amazing original images!

 The first image shows just the skirt, I found this online on Helga Von Trollop’s wonderful blog, I don’t have the original reference for it but I believe this was in one of the Biba books. Doesn’t it look fab? And also show her versatile it is.

The second image is the really exciting one, this is by photographer Brian Duffy, who took some of the most iconic shots of the 60s and 70s. He was the photographer for David Bowie’s infamous album cover Aladdin Sane in 1973. The photograph here features Jean Shrimpton and Barbara Miller and you can see Shrimpton in the background wearing an example of the suit I am offering for sale! I wish I had the hat too. That would be rather amazing. This image featured in the Telegraph in 1973
This suit is evidently an important ensemble, an example of just the jacket features in Marnie Fogg’s book vintage knitwear which was published a few years back (an excellent read, I highly recommend it)
This is a truly fantastic example and typifies the style of Barbara Hulanicki’s designs.
 The Biba chevron design stripe like this was hugely popular featuring on everything from tops to skirts to jumpsuits. I really like the deco 30s look to the design, again typical Biba. As this dates to 1973 it would be pre the Big biba store, and would have come from when Biba was located on Kensington high street.
So what else can I say? Rather than buy a modern Biba from house of Fraser why not have an ORIGINAL 70s one!
This week I’ve got lots of lovely things listed including a sensational Horrockses evening dress and a lovely polka dot CC41 dress too.

9 thoughts on “An original Biba ensemble from 1973

  1. Ohhhh, Betty! Completely unrelated the Biba, but my dress arrived and it's in a pretty shoddy condition. Stains dotted about, strap hanging on my the merest thread, skirt becoming unstitched… I think it may have to go back 😦

  2. I have this brown/black/gold striped Biba cardigan suit and the hat to match. As you said bought from the Biba store in Kensington High Street with the big white grand piano (the store used to be Derry and Thoms Department store). I can JUST still fit in it, I have pictures of me wearing it to a wedding in 1974. I have two other original Biba outfits, one a long black coat/dress and one short brown jersey dress with a little flared skirt just under the bodice a low neck and covered buttons down the front. I had to alter the coat dress to fit into it and the brown dress is gorgeous, but so tight on the arms that the little pads on the shoulders stick out like sausages!! Its too delicate to alter though. I also have a 'Miss Mouse' black velvet dress with a large leafy coloured design down the front centre of the bodice and in a deep hem tier around the bottom of the skirt. I also have a couple of original 'Laura Ashley' dresses from that time. A white tiered, long cotton dress with big puff short sleeves, which I wore as my wedding dress in 1972, and a brown long corduroy dress with fitted bodice, collar-less style, and a very full gathered long skirt with an extra tier at the bottom. Fabulous designs. I have a couple of other designers' put away somewhere too, which I will dig out and see which designers they are. Have thought about selling them, but love them so! from

  3. Anyone interested in my Biba Barbara Hulanicki..brown and black chevron tiny gold thread trouser suit..bell bottom ..size 8-10
    Bought and worn by me 1973 from Biba Kensington High Street.
    Selling this

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