hello laminate floor

This is just a little image montage of a few of my fave garments and fave vintage pieces.
1) 4 vintage belts. 2 in centre from a charity shop. Left hand 20’s diamante belt £70 Hope and Harlequin, Brighton. Right hand: Metal victorian belt £12 ebay.
2) Russell and bromley loafers (tan and black) £125 per pair Camina brogues approx £180 Shoe store, Madrid
3) Original 1940’s lotus black platform shoes, totally ruined but beautiful. £38 Portobello road market
4) Huge 50’s costume brooch John Lewis (bought as present)
5) 50’s costume earrings Brilliant jewellery, Kingston
6) Black sequin jacket £49 Marks and Spencr, Paint Pallete 50’s skirt £32 ebay, red brogues £13 Office
7) Brogues (as before), these brogues are so beautiful and also handmade.
8) Heart print shirt £7.50 topshop, skirt £39 Reiss, Shoes £109 Kurt Geiger, Snakeskin Handbag £25 vintage fair, Huddersfield.
9) (centre image) pearls £10 topshop, lizard skin handbag £4 ebay, brogues (as before) Playsuit £30 topshop- It was this garment that gave me the inspiration for this blog 🙂

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