A certain sense of self satisfaction

During my time at the museum service I have had a couple, what I would call “eureka” moments. For me that is discovering a garment in the collection advertised in a magazine or finding some kind of importance provenance. This happened twice whilst I was working on Little black dress. The first moment was with a dress by the company Susan Small. Whilst searching through copies of Vogues to display in the exhibition I suddenly stumbled across one of the dresses I had picked out! It was a real, goodness me! Moment. Seeing a dress in the collection on a human form really helps to give it a different meaning and helps you to see how it would have been worn at the time.

(its the dress on the left, apologies for the dark pic it was taken after the dress was put into the exhibition!)

The second time this happened to me was during exhibition set up. I was looking at a panel we had borrowed from Brighton museum and suddenly thought, that dress looks familiar. The dress in the image was a long sleeved dress by the company Roter Couture. I had chosen a similar dress to put in the exhibition although our was a shorter dress with short sleeves. I thought I would just check the dress and *see* if it may just happen to be the same dress but altered. Low and behold it was! (The dress has been turned into a short sleeve garment and the hem taken up by at least around 8 inches)

The only problem with the image on the panel was that it was quite small and difficult to see. Thankfully it was dated to 1956. I thought, maybe, just maybe this had come from a Vogue advertisement. So, again I went searching, and found it in the March 1956 issues of Vogue. I was very happy to have this kind of provenance appear again, and even better the dress had its full price and fabric details in the advertisement.

It is little details like this which really help to make exhibitions interesting for the public, all I can say is that I am pleased that my casual flicking turned up trumps on two occasions!

Very excited by what i stumbled across

On monday i was in the office re-arranging some vintage magazines when i came across something that excited me no end.

What i stumbled across was a 1936 brochure celebrating the diamond jubilee of Elys department store in Wimbledon. Documenting the first 60 years of its history and some of the fashions of the day which were on offer.

It was so i nteresting to find a little bit of my local history down in Hampshire. I know there are some of local friends *ahem Ellie Budd* who may be interested by this!

There are just a few pics here, but i will upload the whole lot to flickr.


Car booty

One of my favourite past times is undoubtedly visiitng car boot sales. I love that thrill of sifting through dodgy primark cast offs and finding a vintage gem!

Last weekend i visited one of my favourite car boot sales in Bursledon, Hampshire and i came away with some absolute treats!

A few bits and bobs of costume jewellery

A fur coat ( does anyone know what fur this is??? i am stuck)

A fabulous red wool coat by luxury 50s department store Rochas – it cost me £10

A set of 1930s (i am guessing by the low cost for postage) Salter postage scales

AND this amazing tin sign original from a pub in Merseyside cost me £20. For a car boot this is a lot for me to spend, but i think it was well worth it.