Looking to sell?

I buy a wide variety of vintage with a focus on garments and accessories from the 40s and 50s. If you are looking to sell your vintage, please do get in contact with me.


5 thoughts on “Looking to sell?

  1. My Aunt left me a beautiful white lace dress Iam sure she would have had it from late fortys earlier 50’s how do I go about a valuation I have the original box tissue and card from Richard shops with the dress, should I send photo if so where too x

  2. I have a fabulous miss mouse full length dress I bought in my teens I am now nearly 70 so it’s definitely vintage it’s in perfect condition wonderful style, but quite slim fitting but a good length

  3. I have a lovely Poly Peck by Sybil Zelker all in one wide legged trouser suit, sleeveless, size 10 I think with a long back zip. The material is quite a heavy cotton, but the fabric design is stunning, red, blues, mustard. It has been in my cupboard for 35 years or more! Not sure if I should wash it. Can you give me any advice on what to do with this item. I would like to sell so can you advise me on a value and if you would be interested in buying it? Thanks.

  4. We have been in touch before as I have the Biba suit from 1973 that you have, including the hat. You may remember. Anyway, I am not selling that but have someone interested in two other Biba dresses I have and I have no idea what price to ask. He is apparently buying for a Biba Archive Collector, not for resale, sounds genuine but I don’t know. Can you advise me please as to how to proceed. I also have a lovely Miss Mouse dress which my daughter is going to have, delighted to keep it in the family! I have a few other bits and bobs from that era and some from 40/50’s which I am looking to sell on now. I am going to send you an email with details and would be good to hear back from you at your conveniene. I hope you are well and coping with this crisis all right. Many thanks Penny

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