Not just a Horrockses but a NOVELTY PRINT Horrockses

I’m so wildly in love with my new Horrockses dress it gets a whole post to itself (and i had a better more informative post planned too). Its got the pretty standard Horrockses label that dates it to pre 1958. I’m reckoning with the side zip and the fact is is a size 14 but equating to around an 8 i would say it is probably 1952-55. After Horrockses introduced their size 10 it seems their sizes got considerably bigger. Hence why i believe this is pre their introduction of a size 10. The print on this is completely fabulous it defies all belief. I’m wondering who the print might be by… Something makes me feel it might be a Pat Albeck as i know she designed some pretty fabulous novelty prints whilst at Horrockses. I’m going to do my research on this one! See what else i can dig up.

3 thoughts on “Not just a Horrockses but a NOVELTY PRINT Horrockses

  1. Oh my goodness, where on earth did you find this? I started watching Horrockses about 18 months ago, but decided they were too expensive at £70 a pop on Ebay… these days I can afford that much but they've tripled in price! I'm losing hope to ever own one 😦

  2. This is a pretty special one. I actually bought it from ebay believe it or not! I know my Horrockses prints pretty well (literally i can spot one a mile off) so i saw the print and knew it was a Horrockses even though it wasn't listed as one! Don't give up hope. The Horrockses bargains are still out there. I've paid over £200 for one of mine. Although in the same breath I've also bought one for just £11. Its all a case of luck i find!

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