Vintage obsessions: Blanes

Brand two in my list of vintage obsessions!

Blanes- Blanes produced mostly high quality evening wear throughout the 50s and 60’s (possibly onto the 70s- but I am yet to find an example). They did also produce some daywear, although I find you are less likely to come across this!

The two examples above prove why i LOVE Blanes and i am desperate to come across some good examples of their day wear. When i was at vintage @ Goodwood last year i saw an amazing novelty print dress by Blanes, but it was £150 and at the time i just didn’t have the money. I have regretted not buying it ever since!

I personally don’t own any good examples of the brand. Normally for me this is a seller rather than a keeper as I find the dresses tend to be quite heavy.

This is one I am selling at the moment. I believe it is an early 1960’s example.

And this is one currently out on display at Portsmouth city museum. We believe it was never even worn!


2 thoughts on “Vintage obsessions: Blanes

  1. I have just bagged myself a blanes electric blue evening dress and long matching jacket i absolutely fell in love with it – so elegant and original cant wait to wear it to a special eventKaren 22/5/12

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