Horrockses Horrockses HORROCKSES

A minor moment of excitement towards the end of my sentence there, but i do adore Horrockses. I am currently writing a long and tiresome garment technology board analysis, although i have had the pleasure of putting one of my favourite garments of clothing on the board. My love of it has unfortunately meant that whilst every other garment has had a few lines of analysis this gem has had half a page, but when you love a garment this much it has to be done.

Horrockses is a quintessential British brand, the dresses aimed to capture the “glamour of cotton”, and at the time of production were quite expensive pieces (costing around a weeks wages at the time) although they were pieces that were quality, something which manufacturers now seem to have forgotten, these dresses could be worn, washed and generally loved, and still look in perfect and beautiful condition.

I bought this dress off ebay about 6 months ago, at what i consider to be a bargain price of £30. I actually bid on every single dress the seller was auctioning ( i think it was about 15 Horrockses dresses) but unfortunately this was the only one which i won. One of the greatest things about this dress is the fit, i don’t think i have ever put on a garment and had quite such a wow moment in terms of fit, as can be seen from the images, it is LITERALLY perfect. I absolutely adore the colour, print, length and style of it, truly a princess dress.

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